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Click (2010)

Posted by soryan_bad_boy on 16:29


Avi is an ace photographer having a live in relationship with Sonia who
is a model. One night the couple after returning from a late night party
accidentally bumps of a young girl by their speeding car. As Sonia is
driving the car, to avoid further complications, Avi insists on them
fleeing away from the accident scene. But trouble starts for the couple
soon after. While Avis clicked photos start having strange white marks
over them, Sonia starts having spooky experiences. Avi also develops a
severe shoulder pain and even though he is not overweight he starts
weighing 120 kilos (264 lbs.). Avi too then starts having similar
experiences like Sonia. The couple is petrified when all three of Avis
best buddies kill themselves in a similar manner. It then comes to light
that the spirit haunting them all has a connection to Avis college
life. Meanwhile Sonia finds out that Avi was friends with one Aarti
during his college days. What is Aartis connection to all this and what
ultimate revelation awaits Sonia forms the rest of the film.

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