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Aaghaaz (2000)

Posted by soryan_bad_boy on 17:37





Govind Narang lives an honest life in a small village in Punjab. He is a handsome and good-looking young man who would be willing to fight for anyone's cause. However he loves a pretty young woman, Sudha but marries Masterji's daughter, Pushpa, as she is pregnant by a police man, who refuses to marry her. When Pushpa learns of Govind's old relationship with Sudha, she along with her brother, Laxman, would turn and twist all round to throw Sudha out of the village but to no avail. When Laxman finds out about Pushpa's infidelity, he poisons her, and she receives pain and eventually passed out. After the death of his wife, Govind along with his sister Ratnna, relocates to an area called Azad Nagar in Bombay. He soon meets dancer/singer Gitika, and they fall in love. Govind soon makes enmity with Johnny and his brother Danny handsome when he defends the honor of a young girl, Johnny also is humiliated by Govind and others, and swears vengeance with the help of Sadanana Kutty and Karim Khan Toofani. Where as Govind also attempts to help hawkers and sole Traders by building a market for them to put up there businesses and so he befriends a savior Ram Shevak, and with his help and assistance gathers a lump sum of money to purchase a large plot of land. But everyone turn out to be fakes and Govind gets all the blame, entrapped to Johnny and his gang where his sister is openly raped ; and Govind himself gets seriously wounded in broad daylight before the very eyes of the people he pitied and try to save. Will Govind ever recover? What will happen to his sister? Will he be able to grant revenge towards his enemies?


Ultima Parte

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